About Bublédon

Who we are

We are a family of brands, born from the desire to change the way we consume fashion. Bublédon is a singular destination, bringing our collective brands together, to offer something for everyone, and to where all are welcome.

Our aim is to turn the traditional fashion cycle on its head, by giving the customer (AKA you), the power. Today, our brands are built on a a sophisticated supply chain strategy, with a unique data-driven approach to production, which eliminates unneccessary & problematic waste.

In short, this means we are able to bring you the right product, at the right price, without compromising on quality.

What we do

We do this, by enabling an open dialogue between our customers and design developers, through which to build each of our collections collaboratively.

In other words, rather than telling you what you need, we can give you what you really want.

As an digital-native brand, we are always searching for ways to innovate and progress, as the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape demands.

In pioneering this reverse business model, we aim to give you back the power. We believe that in doing so, we can provide you with everything the modern individual needs, to truly own their style.

The ultimate goal is to embolden you in your choices and empower you in your everyday life. Great style, that reflects who you are, should be accessible to everyone.

Building a community

As a brand that is driven largely by collaborative culture, it is part of our intrinsic identity to nurture a supportive community and environment, for new designers.

Our ongoing series of designer collaborations aims to invest in the creativity of emerging talent. Our goal is to help designers launch their own brands, offering the opportunity to tap into a vast—and 10-year grown—production and supply chain; from development with our production team, to access to manufacturing with a sustainable backbone.

Our aim is to eliminate the barriers to entry faced by fledgling businesses, giving them the space to create, along with the tools to gently nudge them towards success.

Our Brands

1.Allegra K is a Womenswear fashion brand, offering a wide range of clothing and accessories to suit any personality for any occasion. Collections run across all seasons, all year round. 

2.Agnes Orinda is a Womenswear fashion brand, offering our most comprehensive range of sizing, covering everything from essentals to fashion pieces.

3.Lars Amadeus is a Menswear fashion brand, offering a wide range of apparel, across all seasons, all year round. Collections range from wardrobe essentials to occasionwear for all.